Incabox ONE

Panel mounting enclosures for electronic products according to IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700)


INCABOX is a panel mounting enclosure for electronic products. It has been designed for use with machining equipment and can be mountedvon the front panel of the electrical control system. It is designed and manufactured to IEC 61554 (ex DIN 43700) and its front frame is an integrated moulded part of the main body of the enclosure whereas the rear frame is inserted by a snap-lock mechanism. The front panel is the part which is seen by the user and it is inserted into the enclosure by use of a snap-lock mechanism. LCD displays and or push button switches can be mounted on the PCB behind the front panel and can be viewed or accessed through pre-machined cut-outs. The PCB is inserted from the rear side of the enclosure using the internal PCB guides. However, type 144x144, and other versions are available where the PCB can be inserted from either the front or rear of the enclosure. INCABOX is a versatile enclosure, easy to use and ergonomic thanks to the wide range of standard dimensions, special dimensions upon request, diverse typologies of front and rear panels, possible machining and silk printing processes and the availability of protection covers.

Technical specs

Material PP0
Class UL94 V0
Colour Black (9005)
Sizes 36.72, 72.72, 72.144, 48.48, 48.96, 96.96, 144.144 special sizes on request (L)
Operating temperature -40°C + 80°C (based on the power dissipated)