Enclosures for Home & Building Automation, wall mounting.



The Thermo range of enclosures has been designed to offer customers a modern and refined product for wall-mounting applications. This range is well suited to the Home and Building and the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry. The product can be supplied as a standard version with dimensions: 80x80 and 120x80. Other versions are available with a handle. In order to offer customers a highly attractive product, Italtronic has developed the mould so that the Thermo cover can be customized with minimal printing. The handle can also be customized. With this option, customers can enter the market with a recognisable range and reduce their investment in moulds.

Technical specs



UL94 Class



White (9003)

Operating temperature 

-40°C + 60°C (depending on power dissipation)


Models of Thermo