Support XT

Din rail (EN 60715) mounting modular supports for PCBs


As a result of extensive market research to meet the needs of the Customer, Italtronic has developed a new range of innovative DIN rail enclosures. This range of products represents a new generation of open PCB carriers to facilitate the mounting of PCBs onto DIN rail systems. Italtronic has recognised that by supplying the complete carrier as a kit under one unique part number, stocking and assembly time are reduced, thus leading to a reduction in cost. The main innovation of this product is in the possibility to place the PCB into two identical halves which are then assembled together without the use of screws. This is achieved through customising the width (subject to limits), for a relatively low cost and by producing the closing elements moulded complete with DIN rail hook. The Customer will make a real saving over time through reduced assembly time, and a reduction in the number of parts required, leading to faster delivery and reduction in stock. There will also be a range of standard sizes that will also have the same advantage of the base, DIN rail hook and closing element being moulded as one unique piece. This new and attractive design demonstrates the care and attention to detail that Italtronic makes when designing enclosures for the electronics industry. Besides being highly functional and innovative, Italtronic enclosures can also be distinguished for their stylishness, therefore giving the Customer’s finished product the right aesthetic appearance.

Technical specs

Material Blend PC/ABS self-extinguishing
Colour Green / Dark grey

Compatible DIN rail


Dimensions of Support XT

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