Italtronic: price list increase.

Dear customers and distributors, 
the situation linked to the increase in prices and the difficult availability of raw materials has not yet found stability.
We are forced, in spite of ourselves, to retouch our price lists with the aim of continuing to satisfy your requests with strategic stocks of raw materials and finished products.
The new price list will be valid immediately for all your new orders and will provide for an average increase of 8%
Also this time, with the utmost commitment on our part, we confirm that existing orders will not be renegotiated with the exception of those with delivery starting from January 2022.
The latest increases in plastic materials also highlighted the gap between the prices of gray colour plastic similar to RAL 7035, our standard colour for the entire MODULBOX range, and that of the other standard colours proposed in the RAILBOX series, green similar to RAL6017 and dark gray similar to RAL7021.
With this price list revision we were therefore forced to increase the prices of our RAILBOX series with different percentages, depending on the colour.
Lastly, the prices of the MODULBOX XT PLC SERIES were revised, and the MOQ for the MODULBOX XT series was changed, where for some years we have been recommending the use of the compatible XTS series.
For all customized enclosures, where the use of specific plastic material (different colour or material) is required, we reserve the right to update the price when reordering.
The particular and unprecedented moment that the world of electronics is facing and the uncomfortable forecasts for the future, require us to pay extraordinary attention to service and to our production capacity to best meet your needs.

Sales management