Price List 2023

Dear Customers and Distributors,


in this moment we are all working on 2023 plannings and we all would therefore need to have some precise points of reference; here following we kindly illustrate our position regarding price list 2023.

The unclear information on the trend of the costs of energy and of plastic raw materials for next year, does not allow us to decide today on eventual variations to the current Italtronic price list.

As for the above, we have decided to keep unchanged -for the first months of 2023- the current 2022 Italtronic price list of standard products as well as the price list of customizations (which will continue to be  updated if offers are older than 12  months), and until the market conditions require an immediate intervention.   

As always, special productions with materials, colors and / or moulds different from the standard proposed ones, will be verified from time to time.

I remind you that the main producers of the plastic materials that we use, have been confirming us -since some years- eventual changes in costs only 30 days before the delivery, therefore for this reason we are confirming your scheduled purchase orders adding the note that prices may possibly undergo some variations.

We kindly wish everyone a good job (with our enclosures!)


Kind regards.



Carraro Fabio

Chief Commercial Officer